AltaMAR Laser in Batavia NY operates three Laserdyne Model 780 Systems; two are BeamDirector Models for true 3D laser cutting & welding, and one is a Model 780 system which has been upgraded and enhanced for tube cutting. With specialties in laser tube cutting and 5-axis cutting and welding, AltaMAR Laser has the equipment and experience to process your tubular or 3D parts quickly and accurately. 3D laser cutting has the advantage of reduced requirements for tooling and fixturing. Parts can be quickly and easily trimmed at a much lower cost than conventional methods. If your business is located in northeastern US or Canada, call or email AltaMAR Laser, and we'll be happy to give you a quote. 

AltaMAR NY offers a wide variety of laser cutting services including:

• Laser Tube cutting of round tube and pipe .2" to 8" 

• Laser Tube Cutting of rectangular up to .50" square to 5.0'' square

• Laser welding in stainless, carbon steel and dissimilar metals

• Flat cutting, laser machining , serializing and marking in most metals, shim stock, wood, acrylics, fibers and composites.